Viva Vacation Club Clubs/Points

Viva Vacation ClubClubs/Points

Viva Club is your passport to superb holidays at luxury resorts worldwide, without recurring annual expenses such as maintenance fees or exchange fees. With Viva Club, not only does everything look simple, it is simple. We give you quality and choice, advice and service. In short, we can give you and your family many years of superb quality holiday and leisure experiences, from your initial reservation call, through to the excellent benefits, which your membership entitles you to. Your Viva Club membership entitles you to book up to 4 seven nights stays each calendar year, at any of the growing number of Viva Club Recommended resorts or resorts made available through our exchange partners DialanExchange and Access Network and associated developers worldwide.

Floating (Red), 1 Bedroom£12,500
Floating (High), 2 bedrooms£2,250
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£17,500
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£16,000
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£8,000
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£25,000
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£5,500
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£23,000
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£22,000
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£9,500
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£14,000
Floating (High), 2 bedrooms£3,000
Floating (High), 2 bedrooms£4,500
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£18,000
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£15,500
Floating (High), 2 bedrooms£2,250
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£24,000
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£21,500
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£18,500
Floating (Red), 1 Bedroom£9,000
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£7,000
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£3,000
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£21,000
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£18,000
Floating (High), 2 bedrooms£10,000
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£17,500
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£21,000
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£12,000
Floating (Red), 1 Bedroom£15,000
Floating (Red), 1 Bedroom£7,000


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