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Expectations Holidays Convert your existing Timeshare

Convert your existing Timeshare into a flexible holiday product without the life-long commitment

About Expectations Holidays

Many people who register their timeshare for sale with Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket are happy with their timeshares although a change in circumstance may mean that the product no longer works for them in same way it used to. For example, families who first purchased timeshare when their children were of school age may not be getting the same benefits from their timeshare if their children are now grown up and no longer holiday together.

Expectations Holidays is designed to help provide a solution to these owners by converting fixed timeshare weeks into timeshare points which can then be used with a greater level of flexibility to book holidays through the RCI Points system. What's more, the club has been designed in such a way that Expectations members can enjoy all the benefits of timeshare without the need for life-long commitment.

Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket are proud to be the marketing agent for Expectations Holidays.

How do points work?

Rather than owning a specific week of the year at a particular timeshare resort, members own points which are allocated on a yearly basis. These points can then be used with a great deal of flexibility. Each week of holiday accommodation is given a points value based on aspects such as the size of unit, grade of resort, time of year etc. Members can then "spend" their points as they wish. For example, you could use a full years allocation of points for a 3 bedroom apartment in the high season or take 3 separate week-long holidays in a 1 bedroom.

Expectations members can borrow points from their next year's allocation, save points to use the following year and even rent additional points if they so wish. All-in-all it provides a much greater amount of flexibility.

What makes Expectations different?

The concept of timeshare points is not new with many internationally well-known organisations offering points-based timeshare. However, what makes Expectations so unique is how the club has been formed.

Using an in-depth knowledge of the timeshare resale market, Expectations Holidays have acquired a portfolio of timeshare weeks at various, well-managed resorts from around the world. These weeks are then split up to create the points. Using this approach, the club has considerably reduced their initial setup costs and built a balanced portfolio of well-run timeshares.

This strategy means that not only are Expectations points some of the most competitively priced products on the market, but also that the annual management fees paid by Expectations club owners will be some of the lowest in the industry.

Converting Your Existing Timeshare into Timeshare Points

When converting an existing timeshare into Expectations points you will receive an equal number of points to the value of your original week on a recurring annual basis. Since the you will have converted your timeshare you will also have no further obligation to the original resort and the week may be added to eXpectation's portfolio of timeshares. Expectations members still have an annual management fee based upon the number of points they own although this is calculated on the number of points you own as opposed to how many holidays you might take.

So, If you were to convert a 3 bedroom apartment in August, it is quite likely to convert into enough points to provide you with 2, 3 or possibly even 4 weeks of holiday outside of the peak school holiday time in a 1 bedroom apartment. This may then re-introduce some of the value that you hopefully enjoyed when first becoming owners because there will still be just one annual management for to pay.

Expectations and RCI Points

Expectations Holidays hold a corporate membership to RCI meaning that Expectations members can use their points in the same way as other RCI points members. The RCI Points system provides access to thousands of resorts around the world along with the peace of mind that you have a large, multinational company taking care of your holiday booking.

How can I find out more?

If you are interested to find out if Expectations Holiday Club could be suitable for you then please give one of our consultants a call on 01202 544 870 or visit the website.