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Selling Your Timeshare? Simple, safe and secure!

Registering to sell a timeshare week or points with us is simple, safe and secure! We offer a free registration service with no upfront fees necessary!

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No upfront fees required

If you've been considering how to sell your timeshare we hope that you will be pleased to learn that you can register your timeshare week or points for sale with us absolutely free of charge and with no upfront fees necessary! Simply complete our registration form or call our registrations department on 01202 544 871 to get started today.

Europe's Largest Timeshare Resale Company

Voluntary members of the R.D.O (Resort Developers Organisation), we are a UK based company established for over 20 years with a solid reputation.

Unrivalled Advertising!

If you're really serious about selling your timeshare then you'll want to choose the timeshare resale company with unrivalled advertising in order to attract potential purchasers.

Secure Transaction

When we sell any timeshare, all the monies paid by the purchaser are held in a separate client account until the change of ownership is complete. This provides all parties with a safe and secure transaction. To find out more and even download example copies of all our paperwork, please view our How To Sell Your Timeshare page.

Register now for free

Register your timeshare for free!

If you've been researching the best way to sell timeshare, you should be pleased to learn that with Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket, you can register to sell timeshare for free.

That's right! As Europe's largest timeshare resale company we offer sellers the chance to place timeshare weeks or points on our books with no upfront fees, absolutely free of charge. We hope that inviting you to register to sell timeshare for free speaks volumes. Simply put, if we are happy to register your timeshare for free, we're clearly confident in our ability to resell timeshares! In fact, we actively advertise, sell and safely transfer the ownership of more timeshares every week than any other European resale company. All without having to rely on registrations fees from sellers to run our business.

We do offer sellers an optional extra of having their very own web page on this website to advertise their timeshare which may or may not be a suitable option (see below). This provides those selling timeshare with the opportunity to provide a custom description and photos. There is a small fee required for this service.

In addition to being able to register your timeshare for sale with us absolutely free of charge, we also offer an optional extra for sellers to gain even greater exposure for their timeshare by having their own page on our website. Your page will headline your specific week number, unit size and asking price and you'll also have the opportunity to provide your own unique description and photos to attract potential buyers. For more information and to find out whether this service could help you sell your timeshare please call our registrations team on 01202 544 871.

Europe's Largest Timeshare Resale Company

Established since 1996, Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket are a UK company who have successfully matched thousands of timeshare owners who have decided to sell their timeshares with customers looking to buy.

As a UK company and members of the R.D.O (Resort Developers Organisation) we work strictly within UK and European law. Importantly, this means that our processes are designed to ensure that both purchasers and sellers are protected at all times during any transaction.

So that you can assure yourself of our credibility and make sure that you are happy with how we do business, we have provided an overview of our services on our How to Sell your Timeshare page. Here we have also uploaded copies of our terms of business along with examples of some of the forms you may be required to sign as part of the transfer procedure, if we are successful in selling your timeshare.

To take the first step toward selling your timeshare today, speak with a member of our registrations team on 01202 544 871 or complete the online form on our "Register your timeshare for free" page.

Customer Testimonials

We didn't become Europe's largest timeshare reseller by chance. Since the company's formation over 20 years ago we have always made a concerted effort to provide our customers with the best service possible and we're pleased to say that the feedback we receive from customers is, on the whole, excellent. However, you don't need to just take our word for it!

Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket sold 2 weeks for us and we were extremely pleased with the way everything was handled and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. We dealt with Paul Pardy who was very helpful and would like to thank him for all the work he did for us.
June and Ken Baxter, Norfolk

It has been a completely hassle free experience dealing with Worldwide timeshare hypermarket. I have been impressed by their staff who have done what they said they would do at all times. We have just received a cheque refunding the fee paid to advertise on the internet. I am relieved to have at last, sold my time share.
L.Holdsworth, Cameron House

I would like to thank worldwide timeshare for the professional way they took my timeshare off my hands. Special thanks to Liam for all his help, we will recommend you to anyone who needs help with buying or selling timeshares.
Dinah McKerlie, Staffordshire

More Customer Testimonials

Free Registration - Fixed Week Timeshare

Our free registration service places your week or points on our internal systems making them visible to any of our consultants dealing with enquiries from our customers looking to purchase timeshare. From time-to-time this can yield quick results since we have a large customer base of potential buyers who have registered interest in owning a specific week of timeshare at a particular resort. If you are lucky enough to be selling a week that matches a buyer's criteria you could see your week sold in matter of days (provided you have a realistic price in mind).

Of course, some fixed-week timeshares are more desirable than others and demand for different resorts varies greatly. To find out more as to how we can help sell your timeshare, simply complete our registration form or call our registrations department on 01202 544 871.

Selling Floating Week Timeshares

Some of our most requested resorts operate floating week systems and we have many buyers waiting for correctly priced weeks with popular brands such as Marriott timeshare. Here again, you can register your week absolutely free of charge and, if you have a realistic price, we would hope that your timeshare sells swiftly.

The flipside to selling floating timeshare weeks (at any resort) is the price it may be able to fetch. Whilst this may not be welcome news, floating week owners who are unwilling to negotiate on price and are asking for considerably more money than other sellers are unlikely to ever sell their timeshare. The simple reason behind this is that floating weeks are generally only distinguishable by their size and season. Therefore, a 2 bedroom-floating week that can be used at any time of year is identical to any other 2 bedroom-floating week of the same season. This leaves just one factor potential buyers will consider which is, of course, price.

You are welcome to set any asking price you wish, although for more information on how we can best help you to sell a floating week timeshare, speak with one of our registrations team today on 01202 544 871 or complete the registration form.

Unrivalled Advertising

In order to attract potential purchasers who maybe interested in purchasing your timeshare, we place more advertising than any other European timeshare resales company. With advertising campaigns spanning TV, Google, National Press, Airports and even our own mobile apps, "Worldwide Timeshare" has become one of the most-searched timeshare related phrases on Google!

TV: Comprehensive TV advertising on Sky News, The Travel Channel and the Discovery Channel attract potential buyers from all over the UK and abroad with the peace of mind that they're dealing with a reputable timeshare company happy to be in the public eye!

National Press: You'll find us advertising in at least one of the national papers on most days of the week. We regularly place advertisements in the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Daily Express, Sunday Express and the Scottish Daily Record.

The Web: Reaching potential purchasers around the world, we employ the services of web developers with an in-depth knowledge of the timeshare industry. We are continuously improving the reach and functionality of our website and the number of visitors we are attracting to the site. This, together with are Google advertising, means you can be sure that if someone is looking to buy timeshare online, the chances are they have visited our site!

Choosing A Timeshare Resales Company

With more than just a few websites vying to attract timeshare sellers on the internet, choosing which company to register your timeshare with can be confusing. To help you in your selection we've put together some questions that you may wish to ask yourself on how other companies do business.

How does the company attract buyers?
There are quite a few websites out there with the words "Sell", "My" and "Timeshare" in their name specifically targeting sellers. But, how are they targeting buyers? Ask yourself this, if a company only seems focused on attracting those selling timeshare, how are they going to attract a buyer for your week or timeshare points?

Beware stories of wealthy individuals from overseas
If a company alleges to do business in Russia, China, Denmark or any other country where they have timeshare buyers with deeper-than-average pockets, willing to pay more for your timeshare than the prices quoted on our website, ask yourself why that same company doesn't simply pick up the phone, speak with us and save themselves maybe several thousand pounds. Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket are recognised across the world as Europe's largest Timeshare Resale company and if there really were buyers in Russia or China with deep pockets we'd know about it!

"Closing Fees"
If a company tells you that they have sold your timeshare (perhaps in what seems a very short period of time) and now "simply" require you to pay some sort of administration fee for the sale to proceed, please ask yourself why the company are not able to able take any such fees from the amount of money you will would receive once the sale is complete. At the very least it suggests they have a severe cash-flow problem, at worst, the admin fee will not be refundable and there is no real buyer.