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Seasons PLCClubs/Points

By joining Seasons PLC you are welcomed into an exclusive club that gives you the opportunity to holiday in some of the UK and Republic of Ireland's most breathtaking locations. From the historical and beautiful city of Bath to the peaceful tranquillity of the Lake District you are sure to enjoy the ultimate holiday experience with Seasons PLC.

Relax in the comforting knowledge that you can stay in luxury self-catering accommodation from traditional cottages to more modern villas and apartments with a membership to Seasons PLC. Creating a perfect base for you to begin your holiday the accommodation comes well-equipped so you can leave your worries at home and look forward to a memorable holiday away with the loved ones.

Season's are also connected with other resorts worldwide which means their members have even more choice than the UK & Ireland resorts should they opt for something different. Opportunities are available in the Caribbean, USA & Hawaii as well as more cultural holidays to India and the Far East can also be taken whilst Australia is a further option to members of this club.

So, whether it's the freedom and flexibility of choosing your next holiday with the guarantee of high-quality accommodation or the chance to spend some valuable time with friends and family you are sure of a memorable experience with Seasons. Come and see what great memories you can create today.

Floating (High), 4 bedrooms£7,950
Floating (High), 2 bedrooms£4,000
Floating (Red), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Floating (Red), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Floating (Red), 2 bedrooms£3,500
Floating (Yellow), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Floating (High), Studio£2,600
Floating (Red), 1 BedroomOFFERS
Floating (Peak), 1 Bedroom£3,000
Floating (Green), 1 Bedroom£2,000
Floating (Red), 3 bedrooms£4,500
Floating (Red), 1 BedroomOFFERS
Floating (Red), 2 bedrooms£2,500
Floating (High), StudioOFFERS
Floating (Red), 2 bedrooms£2,300
Floating (Peak), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Floating (High), 2 bedrooms£2,500
Floating (Red), 1 BedroomOFFERS
Floating (Peak), 1 Bedroom£3,000
Floating (Red), 1 BedroomOFFERS
Floating (Red), 1 BedroomOFFERS
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£4,500
Floating (Green), 1 Bedroom£2,100
Floating (Red), 2 bedrooms£2,000
Floating (Red), 2 bedrooms£2,000
Floating (Red), 1 Bedroom£3,000
Floating (Red), 2 bedrooms£4,000
Floating (Red), 1 Bedroom£4,000
Floating (Peak), 1 BedroomOFFERS
Floating (Red), 2 bedrooms£3,000


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