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RCI Timeshare Resales from £995 Purchase RCI Affiliated Timeshare Resales for the price of just one holiday!

If you already own timeshare or have ever attended a timeshare presentation then you're likely to be familiar with the concept of timeshare exchange and some of the great benefits membership can bring.

Every timeshare we sell is affiliated with either RCI (Resort Condominiums International) or II (Interval International) and, unless we state otherwise, there are no restrictions for our customers to make use of the exchange possibilities with the resorts chosen exchange partner.

Established in 1974, RCI are one of the founding companies of the timeshare exchange system and have over 3.5 million members. With over 4000 affiliated resorts located in more than 100 different countries members have access to a plethora of high quality holiday accommodation including brand names such as: Hilton, Westgate, Hyatt and even Disney. RCI is part of the Wyndham Worldwide Group which has a portfolio of premier worldwide brands that includes Landal GreenParks and The Hoseasons Group who send 5-million families on wonderful timeshare exchange holidays each year.

Great holidays are just a few clicks away with RCI, as all timesharers simply need to do is deposit their annual timeshare allocation from the current year and exchange it for another holiday of their choosing on a like-for-like basis.

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RCI Exchange

Perhaps the most familiar name in the timeshare industry, the service is most famous for is timeshare exchange. This enables owners who wish to holiday in different locations around the world to swap their annual allocation of timeshare for another destination and even at a different time of year. With over 40 years experience of delivering timeshare exchange holidays, RCI is the largest timeshare exchange organisation in the world.

Timeshare owners participating in the RCI exchange system can deposit or bank a week of timeshare they own from a particular year and then exchange this to holiday at another RCI resort (subject to availability). With over 3.5 million member families using RCI services every year, RCI has over 4,000 affiliated timeshare resorts spread across more than 100 countries.

In addition to the exchange service, RCI members can also book additional holidays and late deals at timeshare resorts around the world.

There are two main types of RCI membership. RCI Weeks and RCI Points.

RCI Weeks are for owners of fixed or floating timeshare weeks. If an owner wished to holiday somewhere other than the resort at which they owned their timeshare then the use of RCI Weeks would be to deposit their week from a particular years allocation so that it becomes available for use by another RCI member.

This deposited week is then assigned with a trading value based upon its size, time of year, supply and demand which determines what the owner can exchange it for at another resort, in another country at an alternative time of year of their choosing.

RCI Points are another popular form of RCI Membership in which timeshare owners purchase an allocation of points rather than a specific week at a certain resort. The RCI points product can be seen as a timeshare holiday currency which can be used to book annual holidays through the RCI website.

For Example: A timeshare owner with 50,000 points could use this allocation to book two separate holidays in any particular year or save these points over two years to book a holiday of a lifetime for 100,000 points at a larger choice of RCI resorts.

If you are interested in purchasing RCI points you may be interested in eXpectations Holidays which provides its members to access to the RCI Points system as well as other holiday booking portals.

RCI Awards

RCI Gold Crown Logo

Gold Crown: To be awarded an RCI Gold Crown a resort must meet and exceed specific high standards of hospitality, check-in & out procedures, housekeeping, and maintenance levels. They must also perform well in an evaluation of their facilities, amenities and services to ensure that all holidaymakers receive the same high-standards set by RCI, a great example being the Fortina Spa Resort in Malta.

RCI Silver Crown Logo

Silver Crown: For a resort to be awarded an RCI Silver Crown it must meet or exceed certain high-quality standards in maintenance, housekeeping, hospitality and check-in/out procedures throughout the entire resort. A great example is the beach-front Morritts Grand Resort in the Cayman Islands.

RCI Hospitality Logo

Hospitality: Hospitality Award: An RCI Hospitality Award is bestowed on subscribing RCI resorts for continuously high levels of service in the check-in/out and hospitality categories such as The Madeira Regency Palace in Funchal, Madeira.

Extra Holidays

Extra Holidays mean you can still enjoy your weeks timeshare allocation but also book a further weeks holiday with cash just like you would in a regular hotel, hence the name extra holiday. The accommodation available remains the same high-quality found at all RCI affiliated resorts and you can still enjoy the great benefits and amenities of a regular RCI holiday but for a low cash price.

For Example: When searching RCI's website on 11/3/2014 we found a 7-night stay within a 2-bedroom apartment, sleeping 6, at the RCI Gold Crown Four Seasons Vilamoura in November for just £319. This equates to under £8 per person per night whereas if you were to look on a popular holiday booking portal it would cost you nearly 3 times as much at around £900 for the equivalent holiday.

Late Deals

Late deals are similar to Extra Holidays in that they do not require you to bank or deposit a timeshare you own. With last minute prices, Late Deals can be booked up to six weeks prior to departure and so are perfect for those weeks in the sun where you simply want to get away from it all.

With some fantastic prices Late Deals start at just £165 and there's no limit on how many you can take each year! Above is just one example we found on the RCI website when we looked on the 13/03/2015. 7-nights in a 2-bedroom apartment at the Gold Crown resort of Royal Tenerife Country Club for the bargain price of just £225! Based on four sharing that works out to be less than £8.50 per person per night!