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Timeshare Points

RCI, CLC and eXpectations points available from Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket

Cinque Terre Italy

Above: Cinque Terre, Italy

About Timeshare Points

Timeshare points are an increasingly popular alternative to owning a traditional, fixed-week of timeshare. Rather than owning the right to occupy a pre-determined sized unit within a particular resort, members of points-based timeshare clubs own a set amount of annually allotted units (generally known as points). These points can then be used to book holiday accommodation at a range of resorts and in various sizes of accommodation and at different times of the year. On the whole, points are designed to provide a greater amount of flexibility.

How do Points Work?

With many variations on the same theme, some points clubs may operate in different ways and have their own unique benefits, pro's and con's. However, on the whole, points clubs allow their members to "spend", "save" or "borrow" their annual allocation of points.

So, if a points owner had an annual allocation of 100,000 points, he may be able to use 40,000 points to book one week in Florida in a 2 bedroom unit and another 30,000 points to book one week in Italy in a 1 bedroom unit. The points owner has effectively "spent" 70,000 points and can "save" the remaining 30,000 points to put towards next years holidays.

The points value of any one week of holiday accommodation is based upon aspects such as number of bedrooms, quality of resort and the time of year. You may also find that certain areas of the world provide high quality accommodation at lower points values since the cost of living in that area of the world will no doubt be a factor in calculating a particular resorts points value.

Various Points Club

There are many different points clubs operating with perhaps the most well-known being RCI Points. Other points based systems are run by Club La Costa, Marriott Vacation Club, Wyndham and even Disney. Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket also created a timeshare points club called "eXpectations Holidays" which provides members with platinum membership to RCI's points system. To find out more about please visit

Not all points are equal!

If you are considering purchasing timeshare points then you may well find that some products talk about 50,000 or 100,000 point packages whereas others maybe 50 or 1,000. If the points are from different clubs then it is quite plausible that 50 points may have a similar value to 50,000 points with another club. What is important is that you own a suitable amount of points to achieve the type of holidays you wish to take and not an excessive amount. For more information on the various points based timeshare products available to purchase on the resale market, please speak with one of our consultants on 01202 544 870.

Popular Points Systems

RCI Points

RCI Points

As the world's leading timeshare exchange organisation, RCI provides its points members with access to over 4,000 resorts from around the world. To take a look at some of the timeshares for sale, please visit our RCI Points page.

Marriott Marbella Beach Club

Club La Costa Vacation Club Points

Established for over 25 years' Club La Costa has over 50,000 members and resorts in Tenerife, Spain, Turkey, Austria and the USA. One of the largest timeshare organisations in the world, Club La Costa Vacation Club Points allow members to book holidays in both CLC's own resorts and through Interval International (II).

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