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Optimising the value of your existing timeshare

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Timeshare Part Exchange

Our customers often ask us if we able to take an existing timeshare as part exchange against a new purchase. In the main, because the timeshare weeks available for sale through Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket are owned by private individuals, part exchanging one timeshare against another is not always possible and can be hard to facilitate. A lot depends on the resort at which you own and so each case needs to be looked at individually. For more information please call us on 01202 544 870.

However, for many existing timeshare owners we believe we can offer an even better solution than part exchange by way of eXpectations Holidays.

eXpectations Holidays

eXpectations Holidays is private members club providing a unique alternative to traditional timeshare ownership.

Using Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket's in-depth knowledge of the timeshare resale market, eXpectations Holidays have acquired a portfolio of timeshare weeks at various, well-managed resorts from around the world. These weeks are then split up into units known as points which can used like a currency to book holiday accommodation through RCI. So, as opposed to owning a specific week of timeshare, eXpectations Holidays members own timeshare points.

Part Exchanging Timeshare for Timeshare Points

Because eXpectations Points are generated from a portfolio of resale weeks owned by eXpectations Holidays, it may be possible that we can add your existing timeshare week to the portfolio in exchange for an equivalent number of eXpectations points. This can provide a much greater amount of flexibility and in many cases this may create some significant savings.

Part Exchange Example

Mr. and Mrs. Jones own a 2-bedroom week in August at an RCI Gold Crown resort in Spain. Their children are now grown up and Mr. and Mrs. Jones no longer need to holiday in the peak school holiday period and have been finding that they are no longer getting the same value-for-money as they once were.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones have spoken with eXpectations Holidays and discovered the week that they own can be 'part exchanged' (or rather 'converted') into 68,500 eXpectations Points which is enough to provide not one but two weeks holiday in a 1 bedroom unit outside of the peak school holiday season. Not only that, but Mr. and Mrs. Jones still only have to pay one annual management fee which can help reintroduce some of the savings the couple enjoyed when they first decided to purchase timeshare.

So, by 'part exchanging' their existing timeshare into eXpectations points, Mr. and Mrs. Jones now have greater flexibility and benefit from having owned a high-demand timeshare which now provides enough points for more holidays outside the peak season in smaller sized accommodation.

Further Information

For more information regarding eXpectations Holidays and how the club works you can watch the short video below which we hope you'll find very informative. Alternatively, you can find out more by visiting or call the eXpectations team on 01202 414 151 for more information.

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