Palm Beach Club (T.F.S.) Playa de las Americas Canary Islands

Palm Beach Club (T.F.S.) Playa de las Americas, Tenerife, Canary Islands

At the heart of the vibrant and tropical Canary Islands lies Tenerife, arguably the most popular island in the chain. The Palm Beach Club is situated on the southern side of the island and close to phenomenal beaches, outstanding shopping and a vibrant and trendy nightlife.

Palm Beach Club overlooks the main beach of Playa de las Americas, which means that you'll be treated to picturesque views of the ocean. Guests have access to pools, bars and restaurants and the resort amenities and accommodation is comfortable and the service is excellent. The Palm Beach Club is considered to have one of the very best addresses in Tenerife – you just can't get any closer to the main beach than this.

You're never more than minutes away from excitement in Tenerife. Diving on the reefs or perhaps a round of golf at Golf Las Americas. Explore the Lago de Martianez, which is a great way to spend a hot day in nearby Puerto de la Cruz. A massive fountain and 7 sparkling swimming pools, it's a perfect day out for the whole family.

If that sounds like too much work for a relaxing holiday, remember that Palm Beach Club sits on the main beach at the Playa de las Americas. Get a deckchair, lay back and let the warm sun wash over you so that when you get back home, your tan will mean you've got something to show off.

Just because the sun sets doesn't mean that fun has to end as there are still bars, pubs and nightclubs for you to visit. A visit to Palm Beach Club means fun 24/7.

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Week 49 (Red) , Studio OFFERS
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Week 21 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms OFFERS
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Week 30 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 46 (Red) , Studio OFFERS
Week 14 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 15 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 11 (Red) , Studio OFFERS
Week 10 (Red) , Studio OFFERS
Week 27 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 26 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 44 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms OFFERS
Week 43 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms OFFERS
Week 38 (Red) , Studio OFFERS
Week 18 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms OFFERS
Week 9 (Red) , Studio OFFERS
Week 44 (Red) , Studio OFFERS


Avda V Centenario
Playa de las Americas
Canary Islands

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