Leoniki Residence Rethymno Greece

Leoniki Residence Rethymno, Crete, Greece

The Leoniki Residence is a popular holiday destination in the eastern half of Rethymnon Bay on the ever popular Greek island of Crete.

The nearest beach is only a short walk away or you may wish to explore some beautiful sandy beaches a little further away.  There are also picturesque traditional villages, spectacularly dramatic mountain scenery, isolated monasteries and a wealth of history.

You can choose to laze by the pool, watch the world go by over a drink at a waterfront café by the Venetian harbour, or visit one of the most famous archaeological sites in Europe – the palace of Knossos.

There are two impressive outdoor swimming pools and a poolside bar. There is also a children's pool and a nanny service to take care of the younger children. Families and friends gather in the bar in the early evening to have a drink together before enjoying dinner in the first class restaurant.

Later in the evening, don't miss the live entertainment! The animation team can help you plan excursions away from the resort complex. Try a day trip by boat to visit nearby beaches or neighbouring islets, or take a coach trip on a guided tour through the many interesting villages in the area. If you prefer to be more independent there is a car hire service and the resort team will be happy to help you plan your itinerary. 



Description Price
Week 12 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £3,500
Week 13 (White) , 1 Bedroom £5,146
Week 28 (Red) , 1 Bedroom £3,500
Week 32 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 21 (Red) , Studio OFFERS
Week 20 (Red) , Studio OFFERS
Week 34 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 9 (Red) , 1 Bedroom £7,500
Week 47 (Red) , Studio OFFERS
Week 24 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 46 (Red) , 1 Bedroom £2,500
Week 18 (Red) , 1 Bedroom £2,500
Week 41 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £2,500
Week 42 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £2,500
Week 42 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 32 (Red) , Studio OFFERS
Week 47 (Blue) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 39 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 47 (None) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 39 (Red) , 1 Bedroom £6,500
Week 30 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 31 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 38 (Red) , 1 Bedroom £4,000
Week 39 (Red) , 1 Bedroom £4,000
Week 20 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 21 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 15 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 16 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 18 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 16 (Red) , Studio £5,000



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