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Langdale Hotel – the Best of the Lake District

Savour the beauty of Lake District in style. Langdale Timeshare offers you holiday accommodation that provides an unrivaled level of luxury in the area. With a spa to soak up your senses and the most exquisite wining and dining experiences, Langdale Timeshare is a premier holiday experience.

Located near Ambleside, Cumbria, Langland is one of the most acclaimed resorts in the heart of Lake District. With picturesque views of the Langdale valley and a host of exciting outdoor attractions, Langdale offers a world of different attractions and facilities.

You may never want to leave your stunningly stylish and comfortable room, but make sure you do - there's a plethora of indoor and outdoor recreational activities to choose from! Spend a day at the spa and wash away your worries in the magnificent 20 metre UV treated swimming pool. Take a deeply relaxing massage, a whirlpool bath, steam room and tropical showers. Work out your blues with mountain bike hikes and refreshing local walks or go gorge walking in the stunning Lake District landscape. Out and about the area has many attractions and opportunities for day trips. Finally, the staff at Langdale will make sure that your holiday in the Lake District is one the whole family will cherish for years to come.

Week 11 (Red), 3 bedrooms£7,250
Week 5 (Red), 2 bedrooms£4,500
Week 8 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,950
Week 35 (Red), 1 Bedroom£6,750
Week 11 (Red), 2 bedrooms£5,500
Week 52 (Red), 2 bedrooms£11,500
Week 37 (Red), 2 bedroomsSOLD
Week 12 (Red), 2 bedroomsSOLD
Week 12 (Red), 2 bedroomsSOLD
Week 19 (Red), 2 bedroomsSOLD
Week 18 (Red), 2 bedroomsSOLD
Week 15 (Red), 3 bedroomsSOLD
Week 37 (Red), 2 bedroomsSOLD
Week 44 (Red), 2 bedroomsSOLD
Week 4 (Red), 3 bedroomsSOLD


The Langdale Estate
Great Langdale
LA22 9JD

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