Holiday Club Playa Amadores Mogan Canary Islands

Holiday Club Playa AmadoresMogan, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

The hottest spot to be this summer! With superb views of the ocean at any time of the day this resort is a jewel to be admired. Walking down to the poolside and choosing a lounger to relax on couldn't be easier. Tempt your taste buds to delicious dishes and cool refreshments throughout the day and evening in the onsite restaurant. 

Holiday Club Playa Amadores accommodation is unparalleled; each apartment has a large terrace with a spacious sitting area for those nights in when you just want to stay home and enjoy the tranquillity of this outstanding destination, while some suites boast their own private pool or jacuzzi.

Amadores is a quiet place to get away from the rush of cities and traffic, though, should you want a livelier atmosphere, the town of Puerto Rico is only a stone's throw away. Like its namesake, Puerto Rico boasts stunning markets and beautiful shops filled with keepsakes you can grab for a few euro for friends and family back home.

Along the Amadores white sand beach you're sure to find fantastic restaurants and bars that certainly cater for a wide range of tastes. From Mexican to Italian cuisine, Amadores has it all. Luxurious walks along the promenade, sunbathing on the sundeck and enjoying meals while the sun dips down in the sky. This is a holiday you'll never forget. Spoil yourself this summer to a holiday at the Holiday Club Playa Amadores.


Week 13 (Red), 2 bedrooms£12,000
Week 12 (Red), 2 bedrooms£12,000
Week 49 (Red), 1 Bedroom£4,500
Week 52 (Red), 2 bedrooms£20,000
Week 1 (Red), 2 bedrooms£20,000
Week 52 (Red), 1 Bedroom£10,750
Week 38 (Red), 1 Bedroom£5,350
Week 36 (Red), 1 Bedroom£5,500
Week 35 (Red), 1 Bedroom£5,500
Week 17 (Red), 1 Bedroom£4,700
Week 16 (Red), 1 Bedroom£4,700
Week 15 (Red), 1 Bedroom£4,700
Week 28 (Red), 1 Bedroom£5,500
Week 27 (Red), 1 Bedroom£5,500
Week 38 (Red), 1 Bedroom£5,500
Week 39 (Red), 1 Bedroom£5,500
Week 38 (Red), 1 Bedroom£5,500
Week 41 (Red), 1 Bedroom£9,500
Week 40 (Red), 1 Bedroom£9,500
Week 17 (Red), 1 Bedroom£6,000
Week 49 (Red), 1 Bedroom£4,750
Week 10 (Red), 2 bedroomsUNDER OFFER
Week 23 (Red), 1 BedroomUNDER OFFER
Week 36 (Red), 1 BedroomUNDER OFFER
Week 50 (Red), 2 bedroomsSOLD
Week 36 (Red), 2 bedroomsSOLD
Week 42 (Red), 1 BedroomSOLD
Week 41 (Red), 1 BedroomSOLD
Week 44 (Red), 2 bedroomsSOLD
Week 43 (Red), 2 bedroomsSOLD


Holiday Club Playa Amadores
Playa Amadores
Gran Canaria
Canary Islands

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