Italy Timeshare Resales

Italy Timeshare Resales in Tuscany, The Alps and the Island of Sardinia

Step away from the packed streets of 'Tourist Italy' and you will discover a world of intense passion, culture and grandeur that is unrivalled throughout Europe. From the snow-clad peaks of the Alps to the sun-kissed isle of Sardinia, Italy enjoys a varied climate to support its extraordinary life. The romanticism of Italy is to be found beyond the tourist trails of Rome and into the rolling vine-yard stacked countryside of Tuscany and white pistes of the Alps. Crystal clear waters and hidden coves are all waiting to be explored in Sardinia and the delicious gastronomy of the country is world famous. Numerous award-winning RCI and Interval International Resorts are dotted all over Italy from the coast to the piste, so come and see for yourself!


Tuscany plays host to the extraordinary leaning tower of Pisa, architectural talents of Da Vinci and Michelangelo in Florence and the most charming of Italian wines. The picturesque rolling countryside is home to the famous vineyards whilst the sweeping West coastline adds a touch of the seaside to your Tuscan adventure. Catch a glimpse of Michelangelo's David in The Accademia Gallery, soak up the famous thermal springs of Saturina whilst shopping in Siena blends brand name boutiques with hand-crafted markets. Indulging in some Bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine T-bone steak) is a must when visiting Tuscany and is best washed down with a local Sangiovese wine to really get a taste for Italy. Enjoy your own taste of the Tuscan lifestyle with a timeshare in the hills and the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2014 winning Borgo Di Colleoli can offer you just that.

Italian Alps

Feel the breeze through your hair as you glide down the pristine slopes of Lombardy or hike the trails surrounded by the striking Mont Blanc and Gran Paradiso. Explore the myriad of villages that fill the valleys of this region whilst the strength of the impenetrable snow-topped woodland is breath-taking. Verona, steeped in culture, is also the scene of the most famous love tragedy in history, come and see Romeo and Julliett's story for yourself in this divine city. Take in the magnificent scenery of Lake Como and the nearby Lake Maggiore for a day spent sailing Italy's Northern waters. Taste a delightful selection of Alpine dishes from cured meats to the favourable Fontina cheese during a break from the exhilarating slopes. Make the mountains your own from the luxury of your own apartment in the Alps at Le Baite Di Alpiaz Montecampione.


Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and strikes a cutting figure to the West of Sicily. The towering peak of Monte Limbara trails all the way down to the coastal town of Olbia where you will find the alluring hilltop Il Chiostro-Cugnana Verde Resort. The hidden cove here hosts lovely sandy beaches but for the pinnacle of beaches in Sardinia visit the Costa Smeralda for a stunning mix of crystal clear waters and white-sand. Inhabited since 18BC Sardinia is steeped in history, so head into San Pantaleo to discover what its all about in the artisan shops and lively piazza. Savour Sardinia from the local roast suckling pig to the seafood delights caught in the surrounding seas, a magical Mediterranean retreat is awaiting you. Italians love to socialise so why not join them at the Festa della Birra (Beer Festival) in San Pantaleo or the Festival Algher (Jazz Festival) in Alghero for a real party!

Currently Available in Italy

Name & Location
Abbazia Club Hotel Marotta - Pesaro-Urbino
Borgo Di Colleoli - Tuscany
Club Elite Vacation at La Fenice Resort - Sardinia
Il Chiostro-Cugnana Verde - Sardinia
Le Baite Di Alpiaz Montecampione - Artogne
Residence I Delfini di Pugnochiuso - Vieste
Residence Sport Hotel Astoria - La Villa in Badia