Club Tenerife Los Cristianos Canary Islands

Club Tenerife Los Cristianos, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Long lazy days by the pool? Exploring the wonders of nature? A vibrant and trendy night life? It doesn't matter what your dream holiday destination is – Club Tenerife has it all. Located on a hillside overlooking the lovely seaside village of Los Cristianos, a stay at Club Tenerife turns a holiday into an unforgettable memory.

The 75 one and two bedroom apartments are tastefully furnished and fully outfitted for an all inclusive holiday home. Swimming pools, including a fully supervised children's pool and a host of games and fun make for a great holiday in Tenerife.

Venture outside the resort and you can enjoy all the sights and activities that the town of Los Cristianos has to offer. A relaxing stroll on the harbour front could be just what you need to wind down, or you can catch a boat ride out of the harbour and do a bit of whale-watching.

If that sounds like too much work for a holiday, Los Cristianos also has beautiful golden sanded beaches that are just the place to work on your holiday tan. Don't worry about the weather. Tenerife's all year sunny climate ensures that no matter when you choose to visit, you'll always have the perfect weather for your dream holiday in the Canary Islands.

The southern shores of Tenerife are the most popular on the island, but don't forget about the breathtaking natural beauty of other parts of the island which is known as “The Island of Eternal Spring”. From the pristine beaches in the south to the black volcanic beaches just a bit further north and the staggering beauty of Mount Tiede in the very centre of the island, your Tenerife holiday is a world of adventure and action in one stupendous location.

Description Price
Floating (Red) , 1 Bedroom £2,790
Week 8 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 9 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 8 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms OFFERS
Week 37 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms OFFERS
Week 10 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms OFFERS
Week 9 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms OFFERS
Week 43 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms OFFERS
Week 38 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 6 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms OFFERS
Floating (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £2,100
Week 4 (High) , 1 Bedroom £5,000
Week 3 (High) , 1 Bedroom £5,000
Week 29 (Red) , 1 Bedroom £8,000
Week 33 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £2,500
Week 12 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 47 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 7 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 6 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 27 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 21 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 3 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 4 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 20 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 34 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 16 (High) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 6 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 6 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 48 (None) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 12 (None) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS


Parque los Diamantes
Los Cristianos
Canary Islands

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