Club Puerto Calma Mogan Canary Islands

Club Puerto CalmaMogan, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Tucked away in the beautiful Canary Islands, Club Puerto Calma is the refined yet exotic go-to location for the perfect holiday destination. Within walking distance of a luscious beach, this is the perfect beach getaway resort for sun, sea and fun. Imagine waking up and looking out your window only to see a breathtakingly beautiful view of the ocean and palm trees. With most of the other hotels and resorts located higher up in the hills, Club Puerto Calma has the advantage of being almost on the beach front.  

The self-catering apartments are clean, fresh and contain all the amenities necessary for you to enjoy your holiday experience. All the bedrooms have air-conditioning to offer relief on those hot nights. The apartments are great for a family getaway or a fun filled week away with friends or a loved one.  

Local nightclubs are a few minutes’ walk from the resort for the more adventurous evenings. For the more quiet evenings you can relax in the hotel bar for a few drinks on the veranda in the warm evening air. During the day the pool side boasts a wonderful bar, offering a wide range of drinks and refreshments for you to enjoy on the loungers and under the parasols. 

The area surrounding the Club contains a rich atmosphere of exotic and fun things to do. From water skiing to windsurfing, you’re sure to be occupied day in and out. With a Casino located 10 miles away and other fantastic amenities located closer still, you will certainly find plenty of activities to fill your holiday with fun, relaxation. At the end of your stay you are guaranteed to leave feeling pampered, refreshed and glowing with vitality. This is one resort that truly leaves you coming back for more.

Week 44 (Red), 2 bedrooms£4,500
Week 35 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,750
Week 34 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,750
Week 27 (Red), 2 bedrooms£7,500
Week 26 (Red), 2 bedrooms£7,500
Week 31 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,500
Week 32 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,500
Week 16 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,950
Week 39 (Red), 2 bedrooms£18,000
Week 48 (Red), 1 Bedroom£4,000
Week 47 (Red), 1 Bedroom£4,000
Week 20 (Red), 1 Bedroom£3,000
Week 19 (Red), 1 Bedroom£3,000
Week 49 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,500
Week 42 (Red), 1 Bedroom£7,000
Week 31 (Red), 1 Bedroom£4,500
Week 30 (Red), 1 Bedroom£4,500
Week 15 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,000
Week 34 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,500
Week 21 (Red), 1 Bedroom£5,500
Week 8 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,500
Week 47 (Red), 1 Bedroom£3,376
Week 34 (Red), 1 BedroomOFFERS
Week 8 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,300
Week 28 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,000
Week 39 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,500
Week 33 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,500
Week 31 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,000
Week 30 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,000
Week 49 (Red), 1 Bedroom£3,500


Club Puerto Calma
Joaqu�n Blanco
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