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Club Cala BlancaMogan, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Northwest of Africa, the Canary Islands are some of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. With the excellent year round weather tourists are attracted to the fantastic beaches and pristine ocean waters. Club Cala Blanca is based in Gran Canaria, a miniature continent that offers an excellent getaway destination for all types of holidaymakers. 

Overlooking the striking black sands of Taurito Bay beach, Club Cala Blanca is situated between the rugged mountains and the ocean. Hugging the mountainside, the resort offers modern designs and exceptional views from all the units. Club Cala Blanca is located near the fishing village and marina of Puerto de Mogan which is a lovely day trip for the entire family. The resort offers an excellent restaurant and bar, and has its own swimming pool. The apartments are spacious and luxurious, supplied with a fully equipped kitchen that has all the amenities one would expect. Tennis courts are available at the resort. 

Club Cala Blanca is the ideal base from which to explore the island, which with its rich biodiversity has recently been added as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. When you are not exploring the island and enjoy its many sights, Gran Canaria offers some of the best water activities in the world. With its excellent fishing and scuba diving, or a day spent sailing or dolphin spotting, it's easy to see why so many people return every year. Gran Canaria also provides some of the best surfing waters in the world, and is excellent for windsurfing too. 


Week 35 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,500
Week 21 (Red), 1 BedroomOFFERS
Week 2 (Red), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Week 1 (Red), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Week 40 (Red), 1 BedroomOFFERS
Week 12 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,500
Week 11 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,500
Week 39 (Red), 2 bedrooms£2,500
Week 39 (Red), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Week 13 (Red), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Week 14 (Red), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Week 50 (Red), 2 bedrooms£9,500
Week 34 (Red), 2 bedrooms£9,000
Week 14 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,000
Week 13 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,000
Week 17 (High), 2 bedrooms£6,000
Week 5 (Red), 2 bedrooms£2,100
Week 4 (Red), 2 bedrooms£2,100
Week 19 (Red), 2 bedrooms£3,000
Week 29 (Red), 2 bedrooms£2,700
Week 19 (Red), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Week 38 (Red), 1 BedroomOFFERS
Week 15 (Red), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Week 16 (Red), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Week 12 (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,500
Week 41 (Red), 2 bedrooms£2,500
Week 49 (Red), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Week 40 (Red), 2 bedrooms£2,500
Week 23 (Red), 1 BedroomOFFERS
Week 32 (Red), 1 BedroomOFFERS


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