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Absolute Vacation Club part of the Absolute World Group owns, manage, or are affiliated with properties in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as across Europe, Africa and into North America. Absolute members have access to a fast-growing resort collection and a range of fantastic holiday deals, along with a global network of leading resort partners and exchange resorts, such as Interval International offering an additional 2,500 destinations, cruises, and all-inclusive holidays in over 75 countries.

The vacation options you will experience as an owner of an Absolute Vacation Club are virtually limitless! With an endless choice of lavish resorts in prime locations, you can spend one-holiday basking in the sun on the picture-postcard beaches of the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Asia, and Indonesia or skiing down the majestic Austrian mountains. Next, you could be playing on championship golf courses set in stunning locations or discovering the rich culture of Asia. Absolute Vacation Club design holidays with everyone in mind, whether you want a fun-packed break with the family, an unforgettable getaway with friends in Las Vegas or revitalise the body, mind, and soul in tranquil spa retreats in exotic places like Thailand, Bali, or the lush green English countryside. Whatever your tastes for an Absolute holiday, Club Absolute has you covered with an absolutely-astounding variety of high-quality timeshare resort accommodations!


Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£6,500
Floating (Low), 1 Bedroom£3,500
Floating (Red), 1 Bedroom£4,850
Floating (Low), Studio£3,000
Floating (Red), 1 Bedroom£13,670
Floating (Red), 1 Bedroom£5,170
Floating (Red), 1 Bedroom£6,000
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£7,000
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£15,000
Floating (Low), Studio£4,900
Floating (Red), Studio£4,615
Floating (Low), StudioOFFERS
Floating (High), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Floating (High), 1 BedroomOFFERS
Floating (High), Studio£11,500
Floating (High), Studio£11,500
Floating (Low), Studio£2,500
Floating (Red), 2 bedrooms£4,500
Floating (Low), Studio£4,500
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£7,500
Floating (Low), StudioOFFERS
Floating (Low), Studio£3,500
Floating (Low), Studio£4,500
Floating (High), 1 Bedroom£7,500
Floating (High), Studio£7,500
Floating (Low), Studio£4,500
Floating (High), StudioOFFERS
Floating (Red), Studio£3,500
Floating (Red), StudioOFFERS
Floating (Low), Studio£2,500


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