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Canal Boat ClubClubs/Points

The Canal Boat Club fleet is operated from various marinas located throughout the county. It offers perhaps the most unique timeshare accommodation in the world – traditional English canal boats! Time travel is what it’s all about – going back though the centuries to when England’s canals were essential for moving produce and products and were home to many watery communities living on their narrow boats.

The purpose-built narrow boats on offer, ABC and CBC models, are fully-fitted and equipped to modern standards, with their kitchens, living spaces, bedrooms and shower rooms all slotting neatly into their long, narrow hulls. Beds are narrower than average, but are very comfortable. You can cruise along the canals or stay in the marina, connected to mains power.

When cruising, electricity is via batteries powering the on-board facilities, and fresh water is stored in a holding tank needing refilling every two days or so. Waste water from the toilet tank goes into another holding tank needing to be pumped out weekly, and the entire experience is one of laid-back, traditional delight.

Floating (Red), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Floating (Red), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Floating (Red), 2 bedrooms£2,000
Floating (Red), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Floating (Red), 1 BedroomOFFERS
Floating (Blue), 2 bedroomsOFFERS
Floating (Red), 2 bedroomsSOLD
Floating (Red), 2 bedroomsSOLD
Floating (Red), 2 bedroomsSOLD
Floating (Red), 2 bedroomsSOLD


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