Anfi Tauro Mogan Canary Islands

Anfi TauroMogan, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Gran Canaria offers a sensational total of 8 golf courses to its visitors and with its diverse eco system and UNESCO listed biosphere reserve status, it's the prefect retreat for the golfing enthusiast. Anfi Tauro is based in the heart of the lush Tauro valley, which with its excellent climate and year round sunshine has seen it classified by the World Health Organisation as one of the most curative locations in the world.

A championship golf course awaits all Anfi Tauro's visitors, established to make to the most of beautiful views and rolling hills, its location between the volcanic mountain ranges protect it from the wind and offer a superb golfing experience. Not only is there an 18 hole golf course, there is also a par 3 course too, which complements the 500 berth marina and exclusive shopping centre. Topped off with easy access to a stunning white sandy beach, and Anfi Tauro is the definitive example of paradise.

Combining sports, relaxation, cuisine and wellness, Anfi Tauro's is certain to appeal to families and couples alike. Its excellent location make it the perfect base to explore the rest of the island too, and with some of the best fishing and scuba diving waters on offer, there is a memorable excursion within easy reach.

Floating (Red), 2 bedrooms£3,000
Week 52 (Red), 3 bedrooms£14,000
Week 51 (Red), 3 bedrooms£14,000
Week 48 (Red), 3 bedrooms£14,000
Week 18 (Red), 3 bedrooms£11,500
Week 17 (Red), 3 bedrooms£11,500
Week 34 (Red), 2 bedrooms£18,000
Week 33 (Red), 2 bedrooms£18,000
Week 29 (Red), 2 bedrooms£18,000
Week 28 (Red), 2 bedrooms£18,000
Week 1 (Red), 2 bedrooms£18,000
Week 52 (Red), 2 bedrooms£18,000
Week 51 (Red), 3 bedrooms£19,950
Week 6 (Red), 2 bedrooms£14,500
Week 14 (Red), 3 bedrooms£17,500
Floating (Red), 1 Bedroom£2,950
Week 34 (Red), 2 bedrooms£12,000
Floating (Red), 2 bedrooms£4,000
Floating (Red), 2 bedrooms£4,000
Floating (Red), 1 Bedroom£19,500
Week 48 (Red), 2 bedrooms£12,500
Week 39 (Red), 3 bedrooms£12,000
Week 51 (Red), 1 Bedroom£5,000
Floating (Red), 2 bedrooms£15,000
Floating (Red), 1 Bedroom£10,000
Floating (Super Red), 2 bedrooms£13,000
Week 8 (Red), 2 bedrooms£10,500
Floating (Red), 2 bedrooms£8,500
Floating (Red), 2 bedrooms£8,500
Floating (Red), 1 BedroomOFFERS


Anfi Tauro
Barranco del Lechugal
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