The Crane Private Residence Club St. Philip Caribbean

The Crane Private Residence Club St. Philip, Barbados, Caribbean

Lounge on the spectacular powder-soft, pink sand, caressed by the rays of the Caribbean sun and fanned by gentle Trade Winds, and you will understand why The Crane Resort is regarded by those that know it as one of the most beautiful places anywhere in the world.

The beach, named by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous as "one of the ten best beaches in the world", is famous for its magnificent expanse, picturesque location and the rare quality of its soft, pink sand.

The Crane, the only resort community set on spectacular Crane Beach, offers the opportunity for outright or interval ownership of luxurious one-, two- or three-bedroom residences in its Private Residence development.

The Crane's interval ownership program combines the benefits of a guaranteed specific residence each year with the flexibility of being able to reserve different types of residences at The Crane throughout the year as desired.

In the 19th century The Crane was built as the island's first resort hotel. During the 20th century The Crane became the popular choice of those discerning people who place peace, tranquility and natural beauty high upon their list of values.

During the first few years of the 21st century, The Crane has been transformed into one of the very finest private residence resorts in the Caribbean for its owners and guests.

Most residences include their own large, private swimming pool – measuring up to twenty-eight feet in length. Bedrooms feature Barbadian hand carved mahogany furniture and include king size traditional four-poster beds.

Bathrooms boast marble throughout, luxurious whirlpool tubs, spa showers with multiple showerheads, and toilets are always in separate rooms. Open style kitchens include marble counters and top of the line dishwashers, large refrigerators with in-door ice and chilled water dispensers and washer-dryers. 

Description Price
Week 23 (Red) , 1 Bedroom £7,000
Week 22 (Red) , 1 Bedroom £7,000
Week 17 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £6,700
Week 16 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £6,700
Week 15 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £6,700
Week 14 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £6,700
Week 13 (Red) , 1 Bedroom £20,500
Week 4 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £25,500
Week 3 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £25,500
Week 2 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £25,500
Week 44 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms SOLD
Week 43 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms SOLD
Week 42 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £14,228
Week 41 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £14,228
Week 40 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £14,228
Week 39 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £14,228
Week 38 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £16,189
Week 37 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £16,189
Week 36 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £16,189
Week 35 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £16,189
Week 34 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £16,189
Week 33 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £16,189
Week 32 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £16,189
Week 31 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £20,112
Week 30 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £20,112
Week 29 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £15,405
Week 28 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £15,405
Week 27 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £15,405
Week 26 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £16,189
Week 25 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £16,189


The Crane Resort
Crane Beach
St. Philip

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