Lagos de Fanabe Adeje Canary Islands

Lagos de Fanabe Adeje, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Located less than a minute walk from the beach of Playa Fanabe, Lagos de Fanabe is a resort that will give you the holiday you've always dreamt of. The apartments are comfortably furnished, and the entire resort gives you that genuine feeling of having gotten away from it all.

You can spend your vacation relaxing at either of the two swimming pools which have been designed to resemble lakes located in a lush tropical garden. Should you be feeling a bit peckish, you can dine at the buffet restaurant and snack bar located conveniently close to the pool.

Just a short distance from Lagos de Fanabe you can venture out to explore the Playas de las Americas: Spend a day at the beach, go for a dip in the water or grab a deckchair and lay back so that you can work on perfecting your holiday tan. A must see for the whole family is Siam Park in Adeje, firmly established as one of the best water parks in the world.

After a long morning in the sun and surf, you can try out the selection of restaurants, pubs, and bars that the Playas de las Americas has to offer. You'll be spoilt for choice with eateries offering local and international cuisine.

Just because the sun goes down, it doesn't mean that the fun has to stop. There is a vibrant and colourful nightlife still waiting for you to discover. It might be night-time but that doesn't have to mean bedtime when you can party the night away at any of the nightclubs at the Playas de las Americas.

Tenerife is rich in natural beauty and for those looking for an island adventure and magnificent sights you won't be disappointed. Explore Tiede National Park, and the Masca Valley for some unforgettable scenery.

Description Price
Week 15 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £3,000
Week 14 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £3,000
Week 40 (Red) , 1 Bedroom £3,000
Week 12 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 32 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 51 (Red) , Studio OFFERS
Week 28 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 35 (High) , 1 Bedroom £7,000
Week 52 (Red) , 1 Bedroom £2,500
Week 35 (High) , 1 Bedroom £5,000
Week 34 (High) , 1 Bedroom £5,000
Week 15 (High) , 2 Bedrooms £15,000
Week 2 (High) , 2 Bedrooms £14,500
Week 14 (Red) , 1 Bedroom £2,150
Week 52 (High) , 1 Bedroom £4,000
Week 46 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £12,000
Week 34 (High) , 1 Bedroom £7,000
Week 35 (High) , 1 Bedroom £7,000
Week 34 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 35 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 17 (Red) , 1 Bedroom £3,000
Week 27 (None) , 1 Bedroom £2,250
Week 25 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 6 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £2,500
Week 40 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 28 (High) , 1 Bedroom £2,250
Week 21 (Red) , 1 Bedroom £5,500
Week 15 (Red) , 1 Bedroom OFFERS
Week 26 (None) , 1 Bedroom £2,250
Week 49 (Red) , 2 Bedrooms £11,900


Calle Londres 7
Playa Fanabe
Canary Islands

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