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Timeshare Travel Hacking Guide

Apr 10, 2015
Category: General, RCI Points

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“Travel Hack”

1. A way of travelling by attaining flights and hotels at little cost by using shortcuts, tricks and knowledge
2. A productivity trick, shortcut or skill to increase productivity and make traveling easier, lighter or more efficient by solving everyday travelling problems in clever or non-obvious ways.

Timeshare’s been around for many years and it’s a pretty straightforward concept. Simply put, you buy a share of a holiday villa or apartment, join an exchange organisation (RCI & II being the two largest) and you can then swap your timeshare to take a holiday to one of thousands of other timeshare resorts all around the world.

Great! But, where’s the hack? Well, once you’ve joined an exchange organisation (you’ll need to own a timeshare to do so) you’ll have access to a treasure trove of exclusive accommodation deals you simply won’t find on any other travel site. Purchase effectively at the start, learn how to get the most out of your exchange membership and you can enjoy some incredibly cheap holidays at top-notch resorts all around the world.

So, if you like the idea of staying in 5* accommodation for less than the cost of staying in a backpackers hostel read on! We’re going to show you how. From booking low-cost high-quality annual holidays to extra breaks and exclusive locations, it’s all here!

Getting Started

First off, buying directly from a developer is not the way to get the best deal. You’ll end up paying well over the odds and since many “new” timeshares can run into the tens of thousands, it will take years before you reap any financial gain. Instead, head for the resale market where you can pick up a timeshare from anything upwards of a few hundred pounds.

When it comes to what to buy, as you’ll see below, it really doesn’t matter where you own, what matters is how much the annual fees are. Ideally you’ll want to plump for something with a reasonable annual upkeep fee and something with just a few years left on a lease…you don’t want to get tied-in for anything over 5 or 10 years if you can help it. Timeshares in Madeira and Malta tend to have reasonable fees and are all run on leases.

5-Star Holidays

Annual fees in Madeira can cost from as little as £350 for 1-bedroom apartments, meaning you could holiday for just £12.50PPPN each year (based on 4 sharing), something not to be sniffed at!

Compare that with the cost of booking via a regular booking portal and you could be looking at paying over £500 for the exact same holiday. As mentioned earlier, you don’t even need to visit your apartment in Madeira so you can start exploring your dream destinations for a fraction of the price!

Travel the world

By joining an exchange organisation you’re given the opportunity to holiday at award-winning resorts all over the world! Simply “bank” your week in exchange for a points value and let the fun begin.

RCI and II offer a staggering choice of around 7000 timeshare resorts between them with some as far flung as the Great Barrier Reef meaning an almost limitless amount of adventures can be yours.

Extra Holidays & Late Deals

Timeshare owners are able to take advantage of heavily discounted additional holidays with an RCI membership.

“Extra Holidays” enable you to book a further weeks holiday with cash, hence the name extra holiday. The high-quality remains the same and you can still enjoy the usual great timeshare benefits but at a very reduced price. For Example: 7-nights at the Royal Tenerife Country Club were available for just £299.

“Late Deals” are bookable up to 6 weeks prior to departure at last-minute prices making them perfect for a holiday at the eleventh hour. For Example:7-nights at the Village Heights Golf Resort in Greece were available for just £165 in late April.

Exclusively Timeshare

Some holidays just aren’t available without a timeshare. Take Anfi Del Mar in Gran Canaria for instance. Only available to book with a membership to an exchange organisation or if you are an owner at the resort it offers timeshare owners that little bit extra that package holidays can’t. With imported Caribbean sand and its own glamorous marina its hard to argue otherwise.

So, if you want to holiday with an extra air of exclusivity then Anfi Del Mar is the place for you!

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