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Selling Timeshare Online

Feb 23, 2015
Category: General

Is it time to set up shop?

Children selling timeshare in fairytale setting

Above: Don’t leave it to the kids. Sell your timeshare online with us!

If you’re an existing owner and considering selling an RCI or II affiliated timeshare week or points it should come as no surprise that in today’s age the best way to attract potential purchasers is online.

Arguably, we do more than any other resale company to attract potential purchasers to our website and, wherever possible, direct visitors toward the most relevant pages for them. We spend a great many man hours (and £’s) every week ensuring we’re top of the game when it comes to getting quality customers in the market to buy to visit our site.

We reach buyers through search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing and advertise on some of the most popular websites in the world. We also use social media such as Facebook to create awareness and visitors from audiences that have an affinity with popular destinations and resorts. We also work with major news sites to raise awareness to the resale market.

Whilst we can never guarantee finding a buyer, we can do our upmost to get your timeshare exposed to the portion of our audience who are most likely to show an interest in your week or points. To do this we offer an optional service of a dedicated webpage on our website to which you can add your own photos and description of your timeshare. It can be a great way of increasing the number of enquiries and interest in your particular resale.

For example, we receive a lot of enquiries from families who are currently abroad and accessing our site form their mobile phone or tablet. They may be visiting the resort at which you are currently a member and stand a very good chance of making a purchase. Additionally, many of the enquiries we receive are from existing owners who may be looking to extend their ownership perhaps by adding an adjacent week to one they already own. If your week isn’t on our site then that buyer may not contact us for more information.

If you opt to promote your resale on our website we want to ensure you get the very best value from what we have to offer. Below we explain why spending some time to write an original seller’s description is important and how it improves your chances of selling by giving you even greater exposure. Don’t forget. You can register your timeshare for sale with us absolutely free of charge. Advertising on our website is a premium option which is not suitable for everyone and should be discussed with one of our team.

Extra Exposure On Our Site

You wouldn’t expect many enquiries if you were to try and sell a second hand car without at least detailing something about it in the advert.

It’s no different with timeshare. The feedback we receive from our customers that are considering a purchase is they much prefer to read at least something from the existing owner and are much more likely to enquire about a specific week with a description and photos as opposed to one without. This is reflected in that resales on our site with a Seller’s Description get approximately 3 times as many views as those without!

Hopefully you won’t need too much more incentive than that. However, to reward our sellers who do take the time and effort to write a unique, quality description here’s what we will do!

Homepage: When we receive a description or photo we automatically feature your timeshare on our homepage in the “New Arrivals” list towards the bottom right of the page.

Resort Pages: If you provide a photo(s) of your timeshare, the resort grounds or the immediate area then your images will automatically appear on a carousel on the resorts page with a link through to your page. Take a look at our Anfi Beach Club page and you’ll see the various images that have been provided by sellers.

Latest Timeshare Resales: If your Seller’s Description is well written and you’re realistic with your price our web team will consider it to be featured on the more prominent “Latest Timeshare Resales” list on the homepage. Weeks featured here remain for up to 2 weeks and are amongst the first timeshares that the thousands of visitors to our website will see. After they move off our homepage they will then be visable on the Resale Bargain List which also receives a lot of attention from buyers.

Social Media: When ever we create advertising campaigns for social media sites such as Facebook we prefer to send the visitors that click on the campaign directly to a page with a sellers description. Sometimes this can result in hundreds of visitors to your page in a relatively short period of time. Take a look at our Facebook page to see some of our most recent promotions.

Writing Your Sellers Description

The first, most important thing to remember is simply Don’t Copy Your Sellers Description!

There are many practical reasons why we can’t accept descriptions that are copied from other sources on the web (copyright infringement being one). However, the overriding reason we ask that any description is your own, original work is that Google pretty much ignores web pages that contain any amount of text copied from another webpage.

Search engines do not want their users (including you) seeing pages and pages of results from different websites which all turn our to be pretty much the same. They are also very, very good at recognising when someone has copied a chunk of text but then changed the odd word here and there…they will ignore that too!

The reverse of this is that Google will promote pages with unique content further up its search rankings. So, if you want your specific page on our site to show up in Google’s search results then you will need to write an original description.

What to write

To help you write your description, here are some pointers as to what you may wish to include and what you should avoid. Aim for at least 3 or 4 good sized paragraphs – there is a minimum requirement of 150 words.

What to write about the resort;
Name of the resort, nearest town, region and Country.
Local information such as points of interest & sightseeing opportunities.
Distance from the coast or a particular attraction.
Distance from the nearest airport.
The exchange company the resort affiliated to e.g. RCI or II.
Any accolades e.g. RCI Gold Crown.
Onsite facilities e.g. pools, gym, sauna, restaurants, entertainment etc.

Include specific information about your timeshare such as;
Whether your timeshare is a fixed week, floating week or points.
The approximate month(s) of the year can you use your week.
If your week falls within a specific holiday period (e.g. Christmas).
Unit size, maximum occupancy and number of bathrooms.
The floor your unit is on and whether there is there a lift to that floor.
Whether you have a balcony or veranda.
A fair description of the view.
Unit facilities e.g. air conditioning, kitchen, television, washing machine.
If the resort has car parking.

Other Information;
Exchanges you have made with RCI or II.
Why you are selling the week (optional).

If you own timeshare points;
Write about the various resorts within your points system
Write about holidays you have had with your points

Things not to include;
Personal opinions – Such as “This is the best apartment at the resort”.
Your asking price – This will be displayed separately.
Management fees – Since these can fluctuate please do not include.
Links to other websites – This is not permitted.
Your unit number – For privacy reasons please do not include this.
Personal information – For privacy reasons please do not include this.

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