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Top 5 Pet Friendly RCI Timeshare Resorts In The UK

Aug 14, 2014
Category: General, UK Timeshare

Dog on Suitcase On Hotel Bed

I’m counting down the days now before jetting off on our annual hols. Portugal is the destination of choice which means flying and whilst our beloved four legged friend “Tank” has his own passport, we really only use this if taking the ferry over to France.

Tank’s quite a clever chap, so much so that we actually now hide away the suitcases from him because he seems to know that means we’re going away. Luckily for Tank though his best friend “Bertie” lives just round the corner which means they get to spend a whole week together getting up to mischief. However, for those who don’t have family or friends close by with whom your pets will be happy, the idea of their own “holiday” in the kennels or cattery is unlikely to be everyones first choice.

So, why not give them a holiday too and take them to a perfect pet-friendly destination! It can even be cheaper than the kennels! Many resorts all over the UK are pet-friendly and your beloved pooch won’t be a restriction but a bonus adding extra joy and excitement to your holiday!

How Friendly is Pet Friendly?

Pet friendly does come with its limits, most resorts aren’t going to let any old toad, duck or heron in and it generally means you’re ok bringing everyday cats and dogs although it is always best to check. Hamsters, goldfish and even caged birds may also be welcome!

We did our own checks and cats and dogs are allowed in all resorts featured below, with no limit on pet sizes or weight. The resorts featured place no restrictions on what units can be occupied by those with pets and whilst all have abundant outdoor space, dogs must be kept on a lead at all times in the public spaces. No doggy diving competitions in the swimming pools! For the enjoyment of all guests, it is advised that dogs aren’t left alone too long but why would you want to do that with such a great variety of walks, pubs and places to visit the dog will be begging to come along too.

So, in no particular order, here are our top 5 RCI Pet-Friendly resorts in the UK.

Kilconquhar Estate and Country Club (Elie, Fife, Scotland)

Consistency is everything here and after winning the RCI Gold Crown for the past 25 years it is definitely worth pursuing a pet-friendly holiday at the Kilconquhar Estate. All pet sizes are welcome here and there are no surcharges incurred if you bring your beloved pup along for the week. Open to all forms of timesharers (Owners, Exchangers, Re-sales and Rentals) the Kilconquhar Estate does not restrict dogs at all and allows them in all accommodations with the simple request of not letting them share your bed for the night. Situated amongst 130 acres of pristine highland this really is an animals paradise and so many walks are available the tails will be wagging from the first sniff! The Ship Inn in Elie and the local village pub are on hand to offer you and your dog local treats and a warming welcome, so take a look!

MacDonalds Lochanhully Resort (Carrbridge, Inverness-Shire, Scotland)

Tranquillity meets friendliness here as cats and dogs alike are both welcomed in all sizes and aren’t restricted to particular timeshare units. The Silver Crown and Certificate of Excellence 2014 winner is a great retreat for those looking to experience nature and long dog walks (OR even cat walks) between the Cairngorm Mountains and the Moray Fifth! Pets stay free, unless you bring more than 2 dogs with a £25 fee incurred but with the stunning scenery, abundance of wildlife and vast array of activities to indulge in that will feel like a distant memory for you and your troupe! The Cairn Hotel Inn is welcoming to dogs and will allow them to nestle up by the fire as you sip a cooling drink after a day of adventures.

Melfort Village (Oban, Argyll, Scotland)

Explore Western Scotland’s magnificent coastal beauty whilst popping out to walk the dog amongst the 19th Century stone cottages of Melfort Village, RCI Gold Crown holder and Certificate of Excellence 2014 winner! Melfort Village is highly accommodating to pets and simply asks that dogs are kept on leads in public areas as to not disturb other guests. A surcharge of £30 per pet per week is required but when compared to kennel fees which can be anything up to £50 per day this is rather reasonable! Available to all forms of timeshare ownership and holidaying experience the Melfort Village does not stick you in a corner and allows full choice of their timeshare units for all pet owners. Embrace the adventure at Melfort Village with walking trails around Melfort Loch keeping the pets entertained for hours whilst for the owners exclusive usage of the fly fishing boat and the on-site Shower of Herring Restaurant and Bar offer a relaxing atmosphere after a day on the Loch.

Passage House Club (Newton Abbot, Devon, England)

Situated nearby to the English Riviera is the Passage House Club welcoming pets of all shapes and sizes, excluding giraffes and elephants unfortunately. There is a reasonable surcharge of £40 per per week for your first furry friend and an additional £10 for each additional pooch. Winning the RCI Silver Crown award and Certificate of Excellence this resort comes with pedigree similar to your dog and is not restrictive on where your pet-friend can holiday, as long as he/she is kept on a lead in public spaces. The harbour city of Plymouth is a short drive away and offers up some fantastic viewing along the historic Harbour side and for the dog Dartmoor National Park provides 400 square miles of historic walking trails and prehistoric remains for you to explore. Head to the Passage House Inn for a Sunday carvery or a drink in the garden on the banks of the Hackney Channel, friendly and open armed to visiting dogs.

Scandinavian Village (Aviemore, Inverness-Shire, Scotland)

Another RCI Silver Crown winner and picking up the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2014 is the Scandinavian Village, a haven for pet owners with a small £26 fee for having your pet stay with you on your timesharing holiday. Pets are welcome visitors here and are catered for with miles of rugged highland terrain for them to trail around in and explore. All timeshare units are available to pet owners and are simply asked not to leave the pets unattended but with so much on offer why would you choose to. A tremendous ski area is also available here and must be used to its fullest by any visitor, unfortunately they don’t provide for 4 legged skiers.

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