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Around The World Update Week 7

Apr 22, 2014
Category: RCI Points

Around The World in 80,000 RCI Points

For those of you who are catching up on this for the first time, we were inspired by the story of Phileas Fogg to attempt to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days using 80,000 RCI Points. Whilst we’re not actually physically travelling to the various destinations all our bookings are made using real-time availability from RCI and along the way we’ve been looking at the sights and attractions each destination has to offer.

The aim is to test the fantastic value that points can deliver whilst providing some holiday inspiration. To put the task into perspective, 80,000 points is approximately the same value as a August week at a high quality resort in Spain. So, we are effectively attempting to stretch out one week of timeshare to give us over 12 weeks of holiday accommodation!

Here’s a look back at our travels so far and a brief look at where we are headed in the final weeks of the task.

Week 1: La Casella, Umbria, Italy
Hotel Unit Sleeps 2
5,750 RCI Points

This rustic retreat provides a great base from which to explore some of Italy’s beautiful towns and villages in the Umbria region such as Perugia and Assisi. To make our points go that much further we made use of the 50% discount applied to all RCI points bookings made 14 days or less prior to check-in.

Assisi Skyline, Umbria, Italy

Assisi Skyline, Umbria, Italy

Week 2: Village Heights Gold Resort, Crete
1 Bedroom Sleeps 4
6,750 RCI Points

Having actually booked a week at Leoniki Residence we came up trumps as the resort was undergoing refurbishment and so the booking was upgraded to the Gold Crown Village Heights. Packed full of historic sights Crete is great destination even in the quieter months and the week still enjoyed mostly sunny days and temperatures in the early 20’s. Here again we made use of RCI’s 50% discount on late bookings.

Week 3: Shores Amphoras, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
1 Bedroom Sleeps 4
6,000 RCI Points

As we crossed our first continental border the temperature started to soar! Again, making use of the 50% late booking discount we booked in at Shores Amphoras in Sharm El Sheikh.

Shores Amphoras at Night, Sharm El Sheikh

Shores Amphoras at Night, Sharm El Sheikh

Week 4: Royal Goan Beach Club at Monterio, Goa, India
1 Bedroom Sleeps 4
13,500 Points

The first of two weeks in India saw us use 13,500 RCI points to book ourselves 7 nights at the Royal Goan Beach Club in Goa on India’s west coast.

Royal Goan Beach Club at Monterio, Goa, India

Royal Goan Beach Club at Monterio, Goa, India

Week 5: Amrutha Castle, Hyderabad, India
Hotel Unit Sleeps 2
3,750 RCI Points

For our 2nd week in India we booked in at the quirky Amrutha Castle, a Bavarian styled castle in the centre of India. We wouldn’t generally class this as holiday destination, especially not just for a week, although Hyderabad proved to have some fantastic sights. Checking in on a Saturday we spent 6 nights here before moving onto a Friday changeover.

Week 6: Goodway Hotel, Batam, Indonesia (Near Singapore)
Studio Unit Sleeps 2
3,500 RCI Points

Stretching our points out we again made use of the 50% discount by booking late and instead of staying in Singapore itself we opted to stay on the island of Batam a short ferry ride away.

Week 7: Patong Bay Garden, Phuket, Thailand
Hotel Unit Sleeps 2
15,000 RCI Points

As I write this our virtual travellers are enjoying Easter week on one of Thailand’s fantastic beaches in Phuket! Checking in on Good Friday this week was snapped up on a 25% discount approximately one month prior to check in.

Coming Up…

Our next stop in week 8 is the Wuxi area of China just east of Shanghai and then, in week 9, the bright lights of Las Vegas in the USA.

We booked both of these weeks up a little further in advance by making use of RCI’s “Extra Holidays” which don’t require the use of any points and are instead purchased at very low prices. As an RCI member you can take as many of these holidays as you like each year but at the beginning of our adventure we set out some basic rules one of which was that we would limit the number of “Extra Holidays” to just 3.

We haven’t yet booked up our accommodation for week 10 which will be in Mexico, we’re waiting until 14 days prior to check in to again make use of full 50% late booking discount.

If you want to keep up-to-date with our adventures over the final weeks you can visit or like us on our facebook page

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