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Around The World Update Week 2

Mar 17, 2014
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Village Heights Golf Resort

Village Heights Golf Resort

We are now in the 2nd week of our virtual journey around the world using 80,000 eXpectations points so it’s time for a quick update.

Our first week saw us visit the Umbria region of Italy close to the historic towns of Perugia of Assisi and the southern tip of Tuscany.

For just 5,750 points our “virtual selves” stayed at La Casella, an eco resort set within a large agricultural estate in a Hotel-style unit.

Having been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2013, La Casella provides rustic chique in an extremely tranquil setting ideally suited for holidaymakers who want to embrace the Italian way of life in the region. Cookery classes and equestrian sports are some of the activities laid on at the resort whilst for those wishing to get out-and-about, the area has plenty of fantastic sites with many of the small towns and villages attractions in themselves.

The weather was pretty good, clear and sunny on most days we had highs of 18 Celius.

Now on our 2nd week we’ve travelled to the largest of Greek’s Island, Crete.

Our booking for this week wasn’t as straight-forward since we had opted for a week at the Leoniki Residence only to then find out at the time of booking that the resort was closed for refurbishment and so were offered an upgrade to the Gold Crown Village Heights Golf Resort.

Whilst the location of Village Heights perhaps isn’t as favourable as that of the Leoniki Residence for exploring the island, the resort boasts many facilities and would normally cost 15,000 points for a week in a 1 bedroom unit this time of year even once the 50% late booking discount is applied. So, getting the week there for just 6,750 points was an absolute steel!

Although there are some light showers expected today, Crete has a good outlook for the week ahead with highs up to 21 Celius.

So, 2 weeks in and we have 67,500 of our 80,000 points remaining and are still to use up to 3 of RCI’s “Extra Holidays”.

To keep up-to-date with the adventure you can follow the eXpectations Holidays team on Facebook and Twitter or via their Around The World blog.

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