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Airport Passenger Duty Debate

Feb 24, 2014
Category: Current Affairs
Airplane flying over stack of money

Airline Passenger Duty can add hundreds of pounds to the cost of holidays.

Whilst any reversal of this law is far from sight, today MP’s shall be debating the subject of reducing airport passenger duty (APD) during peak periods after several e-petitions relating to the financial pressures faced by parents being forced to take holidays in the peak periods received strong support.

In what is a very welcome forward-thinking move, Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming is tabling the motion to reduce or abolish the tax for those flying within the school holidays.

If the move gains support then it could lead to some respectable savings since the tax for a family of four will generally add a minimum of £52 to the cost of a holidaying in Europe and at least £268 to destinations such as USA, Egypt and UAE. If you’re travelling in any other class than economy then the tax doubles!

We imagine any proposed cut in APD is likely to receive enormous industry support especially from the aviation industry. If this solution does get government backing then it should also be very welcome news for timeshare owning families currently holidaying in peak time.

Timeshare holidays can already provide great value for money for families affected by school holidays. Whilst the initial purchase price of peak period timeshares may carry a premium, the ongoing costs are generally no different to those owning in the same accommodation mid or low season. This means that the annual savings should be greater when comparing timeshare and package holidays on a like-for-like basis.

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