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Top Sights for your next Lanzarote holiday

Jan 15, 2016
Category: Europe, General

7 Nights in Lanzarote!

Nicknamed the “Island of Fire”, Lanzarote is home to breath-taking beaches, volcanic landscapes and unspoiled natural beauty. In this article we’re going to take you on a journey through the 4th largest Canary Island exploring some of the great sights and attractions you can visit during a 7-night holiday to this sunny isle. Each of the attractions we’ve chosen were awarded TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence (2015) whilst one of Spain’s Top 10 beaches is featured too! Lanzarote is famed for the Timanfaya National Park, voted the island’s top attraction by TripAdvisor reviewers (2015), however, we’re looking for something a little different.

Get up close with these great attractions by clicking on the image to view a 360 Degree panoramic image of it! We’ll also be suggesting some wonderful timeshare resorts located nearby to these attractions.

So, buckle up your seat belt and prepare to explore the wonderful island of Lanzarote.

Please Note: 360 panoramas / Photo Spheres generally only show up on desktop browsers.

Playa de Papagayo

white beach

Kick back and relax upon this gorgeous beach on the South Coast of Lanzarote

Let’s begin with a day at the beach. Playa de Papagayo beach is a must for any visitor to Lanzarote, voted amongst Spain’s Top 10 beaches (2015). Nestled upon the sunny South coast this bay, sometimes called a shell, is perfect for lazy sun-bathing or a refreshing swim in the shallow emerald green waters. The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence (2015) winning Las Brisas resort is just a short drive away, a perfect destination for the beach lovers out there.
Geo Coordinates: 28.842522, -13.788097

Fundacion Cesar Manrique

colourful garden

Wander through the gardens of the former home of Lanzarote’s most famous artist

Day two and time for something arty! The former home of Lanzarote’s most famous artist has become a living, breathing museum dedicated to the life of Cesar Marique. Located on the East coast of the island, to the North of Arrecife, this masterpiece is constructed upon 5 volcanic bubbles which serve as iconic displays to the great artist. Admire the stunning artwork created by Cesar Manrique, situated a short drive from Diamond Club Calypso.
Geo Coordinates: 29.001961, -13.547476

Charco de San Gines


Enjoy a spot of lunch from the wonderful mix of bars and restaurants dotted along the promenade.

Day three bring us to Lanzarote’s bustling capital, Arrecife. Spend some time by the pretty marina at Charco de San Gines, a natural seawater lagoon surrounded by white-washed fisherman’s villages and filled with a collection of colourful fisherman’s boats dotted across the water. An attractive promenade lined with palm trees, small bridges, cafés, restaurants and souvenir shops surrounds this inlet and at the far end of the Charco stands the modern Teatro Atlántida. Every Saturday, a busy market takes place on the promenade where you can purchase Canarian delicacies and crafts for your loved ones at home, just minutes from Diamond Club Las Calas.
Geo Coordinates: 28.960694, -13.546450

Jameos Del Agua

blue pool

Another masterpiece from Cesar Manrique are the Jameos Del Agua, simply breath-taking

Day four and another masterpiece from Cesar Manrique created during the 1960’s in the North of the island, an encapsulating series of underground caves. Enter into the 6km long lava tube formed around 4,000 years ago to the first cave, Jameo Chico, where an unusual bar and restaurant boasts stunning views over an electric blue lake, look out for the local albino crabs known as Jameitos too. These stunning caves are home to a unique concert auditorium, so be sure to try out the acoustics!
Geo Coordinates: 29.157396, -13.432080

Mirador del Rio


Spectacular views can be enjoyed from this vantage point, click on the image to see more.

Enjoying a spectacular vantage point in the North of the island, some 479 metres high, the views over the Risco de Famara range create a wonderful photo opportunity for holidaymakers. A former 16th Century gun battery, restaurant with one of the most stunning views in the world and now viewpoint overlooking the El Rio and the islands of the Chinijo Archipelago, the Mirador del Rio is not to be missed!
Geo Coordinates: 29.214043, -13.481115

Castillo de San Jose


This former castle turned museum also boasts a gorgeous restaurant for you to indulge upon.

Day 6 brings us to the Castillo de San Jose. Built between 1776 and 1779 on the orders of Spanish King Carlos III, located in Arrecife, and is sometimes referred to as the Fortaleza del Hambre (Hunger Fortress) for the volcanic eruption that devastated the island. Cesar Manrique turned the castle into an art gallery where you can admire works by Picasso and Manrique himself. After exploring this cultural gem visit the stylish restaurant, occupied by a panoramic window overlooking the busy Puerto de los Mármoles harbour.
Geo Coordinates: 28.970919, -13.532980

Monumento al campesino

underground staircase

Wind your way through the spiral staircase to find out about this magnificent museum.

Located in the geographical centre of the island, in San Bartolomé, you’ll find the white-washed walls of Monumento al campesino displaying traditional Lanzarote life. The Fecundidad Sculpture is a monumental sculpture to fertility and is interestingly made from old water tanks and yachts painted to form a visually striking geometric design. Climb up to the base of the monument for panoramic views or head down into the Museum House via a winding underground spiral staircase to discover more about Lanzarote.
Geo Coordinates: 29.015897, -13.615139

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